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  1. The promotion of cardiology training in order to establish the necessary expertise to expand advanced cardiac service in areas in South Africa as well as other African countries with deficient access to cardiac care. This objective includes the establishment of sufficient training posts to meet the need.
  2. The promotion of research in cardiology relevant to the cardiac diseases affecting the people of this continent.
  3. Creating infrastructure required to expand cardiology services to previously disadvantaged communities.
  4. Providing cardiology services in previously disadvantaged communities.



SUNHEART aims to empower the Division of Cardiology of Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital to:

  1. Provide advanced health care, specifically cardiac healthcare, to the people of the Western Cape
  2. Provide equal access to cardiac care for all people
  3. Practice according to international standards
  4. Train students from all spheres of health care to practice in South Africa
  5. Train students from other African countries to uplift health care services in Africa
  6. Establish the Division of Cardiology as a center of excellence for trans radial angiography, cardiac imaging, valve and pericardial disease
  7. Continue with ethical research in the context of the South African health care environment