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Unit for Research on Health & Society​


The Unit for Research on Health & Society (RHS) is an independent research unit that is situated at the Stellenbosch University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in the Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. It is part of a growing public health component of the university.

The principal aim of RHS is to do research on community, social, behavioural and human aspects of health towards improving the health status of all South Africans and contributing to knowledge and the understanding of public health and social development problems internationally. The focus area of Research on Health and Society (RHS) is to look at the relationship between social conditions and human cognition and behaviour on the one hand and health on the other. This is in recognition of the impact of social conditions and human cognition and behaviour on health and social development. This interaction has been found in a range of social conditions including poverty, income disparity, community violence, community cohesion, access to resources, quality of community leadership and overall levels of satisfaction with life, among other factors. Human cognition and behaviour is a vital consideration when looking at responses to interventions concerning health and social development.

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