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Unit for Research on Health & Society

Research Interests

The broad overview of research areas that will be covered include:

  • Risk behaviours for health, such as unsafe sex, drug use, poor nutrition, etc.
  • Exposure to risk factors in the environment, such as violence, gender violence, abuse, disability and illiteracy
  • Social structures that increase risk such as discrimination and stigma
  • People's interaction with health services
  • People's interaction with health technology
  • Development of effective and people-friendly health systems
  • Development of effective interventions for health and social development
  • Monitoring and evaluation of interventions, programmes and organisations
  • Situation analyses of groupings and communities to assess their health and social development needs
  • Contributions to the development of policy from research results
  • Analysis of policy affecting people' health and social development
  • Database development and monitoring
  • Development of new research methodologies for use in the above arenas

If you are interested in collaborating with us or contracted us for research, please contact Dr Donald Skinner at dskinner@sun.ac.za or +27 21 938 9680 in South Africa.