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Paediatric Cardiology

The combined Paediatric Cardiology Service of the Western Cape has been functioning for 20 years. The activities of the service – patient care, teaching and research-  are divided between Tygerberg Hospital and the Red Cross Children's hospital. At the Tygerberg Children's Hospital a full consultative service is offered. Children requiring catheterisation and complex surgery are moved to the Red Cross unit. For simpler defects, children can also be referred to our surgical colleagues at Tygerberg Hospital. The beds at the Tygerberg Hospital are also used for post-operative recuperation and 'medical cardiology' such as those patients with acute rheumatic fever, for example. Our inpatient beds are in ward G10 . A new cardiac MRI service for children has recently been established at Tygerberg Hospital. Children from both hospitals are offered access to this service.

The Unit is accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a training unit for the Certificate in Paediatric Cardiology.