Paediatrics and Child Health
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Department of Paediatrics and Child Health

Service Delivery - General Paediatrics

General Paediatrics: Inpatients

General Paediatrics manages a 25 bedded paediatric ward with approximately 1200 admissions per year. There is also a weekly follow up clinic for patients requiring ongoing medical care and input.

The ward is run by 2 consultants, a trainee registrar plus 2 medical officers and interns.

We admit children with a wide variety of illnesses including malnutrition, gastroenteritis and respiratory infections. Most are acute admissions from our short stay ward, although we admit a number of children from surrounding level one hospitals. Many children are infected or affected by HIV and tuberculosis.

We interact closely with both level 1 and level 3 services. We receive patients from level one who need consultant paediatric input as well as down refer cases for ongoing level one community care. Level 3 services are frequently consulted for advice or referral of patients after initial investigation and diagnosis.

We have a dedicated social worker and dietician who are busy on a daily basis and we also value the input of other ancillary disciplines such as physio and OT.

We are actively involved in teaching pre and post graduate students who rotate through the ward and are exposed to common paediatric problems.