​​​Department of Paediatrics and Child Health 

Postgraduate Students​​​​


Dr P Bock

Title: Impact of a Universal Test and Treat strategy on clinical outcomes amongst HIV - infected  adults in South Africa

Supervisors: Prof N Beyers, Dr S Fidler

Tel: +27 21 9389656; peterb@sun.ac.za


Mr R Dunbar

Title: How can virtual implementation modelling inform the scale-up of new molecular diagnostic tools for tuberculosis?

Supervisors: Prof N Beyers, Mr I Langley

Tel: +27 21 9389655; rdun@sun.ac.za


Dr GTJ Kali

Title: A comparative study of neuroprotective strategies in neonatal hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy.

Supervisors: Prof J Smith, M Rutherford

Tel: +27 21 9389223; kali@sun.ac.za


Dr B Laughton

Title: The effects of early versus delayed antiretroviral treatment on the short and long term neurodevelopmental outcome of children who are HIV positive.

Supervisors: Prof MF Cotton, Prof M Kruger

Tel: +27 21 9384987; bl2@sun.ac.za


Dr F Marx

Title: Mathematical modelling to project the impact of interventions targeted to previously treated individuals on the trajectory of the tuberculosis epidemic in high tuberculosis prevalence settings.

Supervisors: Prof N Beyers, Prof T Cohen



Dr S-A Meehan

Title: The contribution of a community based HIV counseling and testing (HCT) initiative in working towards increasing access to HIV counseling and testing in Cape Town, South Africa.

Supervisors: Prof N Beyers, Prof R Burger

Tel: +27 21 9389763; sueannm@sun.ac.za


Prof H Rabie

Title: Pharmacokinetics and therapeutic outcomes of children with tuberculosis/HIV co-infection treated with lopinavir/ritonavir and a rifampicin-containing anti-tuberculosis regimen.

Supervisors: Prof MF Cotton, Prof HS Schaaf, Prof RP Gie

Tel: +27 21 9389197; hrabie@sun.ac.za

Dr P SprinSpringer, PE 2012.jpgger

Title: Neurodevelopmental Outcome of the HIV exposed but uninfected Infant and evaluation of a developmental screening tool.

Supervisors: Prof M Kruger, Prof C Molteno

Tel: +27 21 9389938; springer@sun.ac.za

Dr E Walters

Title: Novel diagnostic strategies and markers of treatment response for paediatric pulmonary tuberculosis.

Supervisors: Prof AC Hesseling, Prof RP Gie

Tel: +27 21 9389177; ewal@sun.ac.za