​​​​​Department of Paediatrics and Child Health



Dr Anel van Zyl

Dr Anel van Zyl is a paediatric oncologist in the Tygerberg Paediatric Haematology and Oncology unit. She is a member of and has served as the secretary of the South African Childhood Cancer Study Group (SACCSG) from 2017-2018 and is also a member of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP). Dr Van Zyl is an active member of the national Hodgkin lymphoma, neuroblastoma and mixed extra-cranial germ cell tumour working groups, who are developing national treatment protocols.  She is the chair elect of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (MASAC) of the South African Haemophilia Foundation (SAHF) for 2019 and will then serve as chair in 2020-2021.

Dr Van Zyl has been involved in undergraduate and post-graduate training since 2006 and has served as the chair of the middle rotation undergraduate committee and of the haematology module, where she is still involved as a lecturer. She is currently a member of the late clinical rotation committee. She has served as the human resources liaison officer of the registrars in the department of Paediatrics from 2017-2018. She has also been a member of the blood users committee of Tygerberg hospital since 2008 and has developed the blood transfusion policy for the department of Paediatrics and Child Health in 2018.

 She has been involved in several clinical trials since 2008 as a sub- and principal investigator. Dr Van Zyl is currently the principal investigator for a sickle cell anaemia clinical trial and for a web-based South African haemophilia registry project. She has supervised two M Med studies. Dr Van Zyl is currently working on her PhD about the late effects of childhood cancer survivors in South Africa.   

Her publications include a contributions to several chapters of a book titled “Pediatric Cancer in Africa: A Case-Based Guide to Diagnosis and Management" and she has co-authored 11 peer-reviewed publications. She has been an invited speaker at several national conferences and has participated in the organization of several workshops, national and international conferences. 

Her clinical care includes the management of childhood cancer and benign haematological disorders and she has a special interest in bleeding disorders and sickle cell anaemia.​