​Division of Medical Physics


The academical involvement of the Medical Physics Division includes:

  1. Participation in the medical physics component of the B.Sc.HONS degree offered by the Physics Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences

  2. Postgraduate Radiological Physics courses offered by the Department of Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

  3. Training of Radiography Students registered with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.



Internships of 2 years full time are offered without remuneration
Internship can be applied for to the HOD cjt@sun.ac.za​

Courses offered:

  1. Radiological Physics (Therapy) to M.Med Radiation Oncology Registrars.
    Duration: One Academic year

  2. Radiological Physics (Diagnostic) to M.Med Registrars in Diagnostic Radiology.
    Duration: One Academic year

  3. Radiological Physics (Nuclear Medicine) to M.Med Registrars in Nuclear Medicine.
    Duration: One Academic year

  4. M.Sc Med Sc (Medical Physics)
    Degree: Research degree
    Entry requirements: Hons B.Sc.