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MSc Pharmacology

The division of Clinical Pharmacology offers an MSc through one of two routes:

  • A research Masters degree, primarily for students who have completed an Honours n Pharmacology or closely related discipline.
  • A Masters degree by coursework (50%) and research project (50%). This course is for students who have not completed an Honours in Pharmacology. The coursework component will consist of the Honours in Pharmacology coursework described under BScHons Pharmacology, followed by a research-based dissertation.


Programme Details

Duration: Two calendar years

Programme content:   Two streams are available for participating in the full-time master's programme:

Thesis option

A labotoratory research project (100%), which leads to the writing of a thesis

Thesis: Pharmacology 896 (180)

Structured option

A laboratory research project, including an assignment, as well as coursework identical to that of the BScHons programme in Pharmacology

Pharmacology of systems 874 (40)
Pharmacology of systems 875 (40)
Principles of Pharmacology 872 (40)
Research assignment 884 (60)

Assessment and examination:

Thesis option

The standard guidelines of this University regarding the assessment of master's theses are applicable.

Structured option

  • The standard assessment of coursework, as in the case of BScHons in Pharmacology, is applicable.
  • You must pass the examinations in the modules Principles of Pharmacology and Pharmacology of Systems with a minimum mark of 50%.
  • The standard guidelines regarding the assessment of master's assignments are applicable to the assignment.
  • The completed assignment must be marked by two examiners. You must pass the assignment with at least 50%.
  • The final mark for the degree is calculated as the weighted average of the marks for the individual modules and the assignment. You must obtain a final mark of at least 50% for awarding of the degree, and 75% to pass with distinction. 

Admission and Selection requirements

Specific admission requirements

  • One of the following qualifications at NQF level 8:
    • an MBChB or equivalent degree;
    • a four-year professional bachelor's degree in a health-related discipline;
    • a BScHons degree of this University or another recognised university; or
    • an equivalent qualification as approved by Senate.
  • International candidates must provide proof of the equivalence of qualifications obtained from a non-South African Institute.​

​Important Notice: Submitting your completed application form and meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

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MSc Programme Coordinator​​​
Tracy Kellermann 
Dr Tracy Kellermann
MSc Programme administrator
Lejandra Hanekom
Mrs Mandy Harck​​​