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2022 - Stellenbosch Forum Lesings

Prof Guy MidgleySolving the global climate crisis – a background, followed by an interactive discussion.​
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Prof Dion Forster

A Critical Consideration of the Relationship Between African Christianities and American Evangelicalism: A Cautionary Tale of Theo-Political Exceptionalism?
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Prof Michael le Cordeur

​Bridging the gap from an unequal past to a future of equal opportunities: in search of an effective curriculum for South Africa​
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2021 - Stellenbosch Forum Lesings

Prof Stella viljoen 
The Politics of Cool: Masculine Subjectivities in the Art of Donald Glover and Mohau Modisakeng
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Dr Tanya De Villiers-Botha
Whose responsibility is iy anyway? Truth and social Media​
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Prof Lou-Marié Kruger
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Dr Nasreen Peer
​​Coastal ecology and conservation: Merging Science and Traditional Knowledge
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2021 - Navorsingsindaba Reeks

​Dr Nicola BardsorfResearch Integrity 
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Prof Johann Mouton 
​Research Publication Practices 
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Hilda Kruger et al. ​Research Data Management 
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2021- Werkswinkel Materiaal

A​ Discussion on the Challenges of Predatory Journals - April 2021​

2020 - Stellenbosch Forum Lesings

Prof Lex Bouter 
What Universities Can Do To Foster Research Integrity
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​Spesiale Lesing: Prof Lex Bouter 

​Responsible Publication Practices: Roles of journals, researchers and research institutes.
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2019 - Stellenbosch Forum Lesings

Prof  Pieter Gouws
Listeriosis in South Africa - Facts and figures and  what  we should be doing about it

Dr Wim Delva
​Data Science and Computational Thinking: Africa's chance  to shape the next  revolution

​Prof Francis Vorhies
​Wildlife and Conservation in Sustainable Economic Development
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​Prof Pumla ​​​Gobodo-Madikizel​​a 
​Making the Invisible Visible: Rethinking Reflexivity in Research   
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​Spesiale Lesing: Prof John Brewer 
​Rethinking ​the Public University in Societies Emerging out of Conflict ​

​Prof Annie Bekker 
​"A wreck hunt and a shi at her limit."
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2019 - Navorsig vir Impak Lesings

​Dr Rika Preiser
Re-humanising Complexity: Conceptual and practical implications for anticipating new frontiers in complex systems research  ​​Kyk Video​
Prof Willemien Froneman​​
Boeremusiek’s Liturgy of Whiteness​

Prof Amanda Gouws
 “In my Culture Women Should Listen to their Husbands”-  Understanding the Gender Gap in Attitudes in South Africa Kyk Video​
Dr Corlia Meyer​
A critical review of Citizen Science research in South Africa 
Kyk Video​
Prof Gerhard Walzl
Tackling unmet needs for tuberculosis care: tools for
an imperfect world
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Prof George Claassen
Countering pseudoscience and quackery in the media – a journalist’s moral dilemma​Kyk Video​
​Prof Anton van Niekerk
Ethics and Human Enhancement Technologies: 
Preparing for a new future
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​Prof Zsa-Zsa Boggenpoel​
​Highlighting the disconnect between law and reality: 
Are the marginalised left behind?
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​Prof Cang Hui
Mathematical games between plants and their mutualists  
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​Prof Quinette Louw
​Back Pain Explained

Prof Josephine Musango
Dancing with system dynamics ​

2018 - Stellenbosch Forum Lesings

Adhoc Lecture: Professor Reimund Neugebauer
Sustainable Production: How Can We Make Ecological Sustainability a Competitive Advantage​

​Prof Johan Fourie
The data revolution in South African history
Kyk Video   
​Dr Nic Spaull
Primary Education in Crisis: An overview of South African Schooling ​Kyk Video
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​ Prof Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs
Seeds of Good Anthropocenes: Fostering transitions to resilient and sustainable futures
Kyk Video
Prof Gerhard Walzl
When the bacterium goes undercover, why not ask the host?
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Prof Xikombiso Mbhenyane
Food Environments!! Why it matters for Nutrition and Health
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2017 - Stellenbosch Forum Lesings

Spreker TitelMedia
Prof Evangelos Mantzaris
Corruption, Ethics and Role of Stellenbosch University in inculcating a Corrupt Free SocietyKyk Video

Special Lecture: Prof Reimund Neugebauer

E-mobility - Technological trends and challenges
Dr MJ (Thinus) Booysen
Connected through water and energy in the internet of thingsKyk Video
Prof Nuraan Davids

Tolerance and controversy: What are the limits?

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Dr Minka Woerman
The Ubuntu challenge to business: From Stakeholders to RelationholdersKyk Video
Dr Dion ForsterThe (im)possibility of forgiveness? Considering the complexities of religion, race and politics in South Africa

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Dr Konrad Von Leipzig
​Technology, big data and video games: To the detriment of our youth, or a much needed catalyst for change?

2017 - Werkswinkel Materiaal

Predatory publishing videos - September 2017

2016 - Stellenbosch Forum Lesings

Prof Justus ApffelstaedtMammographic screening for breast cancer works - doesn't it? An exploration of an often misinformed debateLees Artikel
Prof Reimund Neugebauer
Drivers and Challenges on the Path Towards "Industrie 4.0"Lees Artikel 
Prof Stephanus MullerMusic, Archives, People: Anecdotes towards a Future beyond White Tears
Prof Steven RobinsLetters of Stone: An Experiment in Memoir, Social History and Ethnography

  Kyk video

Prof Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela


What Does it Mean to be Human in the Aftermath of Historical Trauma?

A Quest for the Empathic Witness

  Kyk Video 
​Professor Bruce Watson

Advances in cybersecurity and cyberintelligence


2015 - Stellenbosch Forum Lesings

Prof J. Wentzel van HuyssteenRediscovering Darwin for Theology: Rethinking Human Personhood'
Prof J.L. (Wikus) van Niekerk

South Africa's Electricity Security: Recent Developments in the National Renewable Energy Landscape for the Generation of Electricity in South Africa

Prof Andre van der MerwePenis transplant 
Christa van der WaltAs easy as herding cats: Developing language-in-education policies for multilingual higher education. 
Stan du Plessis
Hard choices: The fiscal risks and policy options for the South African government'       ​Kyk Video