​Dr. Valby Schijndel

Phone (021) 808 3814

Email valby@sun.ac.za



  • BSc Geology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • MSc Geology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • PhD University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Title "Precambrian crustal evolution of the Rehoboth Province, southern Africa"

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow Stellenbosch University (August 2013)


Research interests:

Geochronology, Metamorphic petrology, PT modelling, Archaean Geology, Geology of southern Africa


Current Projects:

Understanding Archaean geodynamic processes by modelling metamorphism, Barberton and Swaziland (Funded by the NRF and Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowships 2014-2016).

This project aims to use metamorphic information from rocks of the Ancient Gneiss Complex (Swaziland), the Assegaai-De Kraalen and the Barberton Granitoid-Greenstone belts (South Africa) to constrain the geodynamic scenarios relevant to metamorphism in these rocks. This will include new results from a metamorphic study combined with geochronology on the volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Dwalile Supracrustal Suite of the Ancient Gneiss Complex. As well as combining this work with PT-time path information produced by earlier works within the region to fit the geodynamic scenarios together and determine the nature and especially rate of the processes involved.



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van Schijndel, V., 2013. Precambrian Crustal Evolution of the Rehoboth Province, Southern Africa. Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. http://hdl.handle.net/2077/32673

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