Prof Gary Stevens

SARChI Professor in Experimental Petrology

Director Central Analytical Facilities

Ph (021) 808 3127, Fax (021) 808 3129



  • BSc (Hons) University of Johannesburg (RAU)
  • MSc University of Johannesburg (RAU)
  • PhD University of Manchester

Research Interests:

  • Experimental Petrology
  • Granite Petrogenesis
  • Archaean Metamorphism
  • Crustal Anatexis

Current Projects:
My current projects relate to several main themes that are generally interlinked through the concepts of the response of the crust to high temperature processes and the evolution of crustal melts. These are:
 1. Studies of metamorphism, magmatism and partial melting in the rocks associated with the Barberton greenstone belt. These studies aim to better understand the geodynamic and chemical evolution of Earth’s young crust and the nature of the tectonic processes relevant to this crust. Papers 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16 and 17 in the list below relate to this work. On my current students, Jeanne Taylor, Cynthia Sanchez-Garrido and Angelique Laure are involved in this work. Richard Armstrong (ANU), Alex Kisters, JF Moyen, John Clemens, Hervé Martin (Université Blaise Pascal) and Régis Doucelance (Université Blaise Pascal) are important collaborators. 2. S-type granite petrogenesis and the anatexis of metapelitic/psammitic rocks. These studies aim to better understand how the metasedimentary crust melts, how melts and magmas excape their anatectic source and how the resultant accumulations of granitic magma evolve. To date this work has focussed on the Damara belt in Namibia and the S-type granites of the Cape Granite suite. Rob Ward and Arnaud Villaros are current students involved in this work and papers 1, 5, 13 and 14 in the lists below give an insight into the nature of this research. There is a crossover between this theme and the one above in that the metasedimentary granulites of the ancient gneiss complex in Swaziland (Jeanne Taylor’s project) fit equally well in both areas. John Clemens, Ian Buick and Alex Kisters and important collaborators in this work. 3. Experimental investigations of the behaviour of sulphide minerals and melts during high temperature processes. These studies have focussed on the anatexis of Broken Hill type massive sulphide ores, the solubility of gold in S-bearing granitic magmas and the behaviour of gold and platinum group elements during partial melting of sulphide assemblages. Papers 12 and 15 in the lists below are relevant to this work. Each of these themes is fascinating provides wonderful opportunities for training. Whilst we have made very important advances in each area over the past few years, a huge amount remains to be done. Thus, my research activities for the next few years will be more or the same. Importantly, we are very close to critical breakthroughs in several projects and there are tremendous opportunities for students to involve themselves in truly exciting science. In the case of advanced students and post-doctoral researchers seeking academic careers, there are unique opportunities inherent to some of these projects currently available.

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