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Rcrust: a tool for calculating path-dependent open system processes and application to melt loss. Read more...​ ​


Honours class learning Geostatistics
 Dr Matt Mullins. Read more...​  ​
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If I could describe my experience in one word, it would be “fun”! I learned that Geology is not only about rocks,
it is also about the earth and what it creates. From minerals to fossils, Geology is interesting, amazing and
educational. It would not be surprising if you get hooked immediately!
Written by Qhama Tyhoda (Grade 5)

Core loggi​ng practical exercises in 3rd year in
combination with a flow sheet excercise for  minerals processing / geometallurgy​

Phytoplankton pigment sampling prep-small.jpg                        Sampling for phytoplankton pigments as part of the TracEx team - 2017 Winter Cruise to the Indian Southern Ocean​​. Read more...  ​            ​    ​​
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 Earth Sciences

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Re​cent publications

Characterization of Xenotime From Datas (Brazil) as a Potential Reference Material for In Situ U-Pb Geochronology
AD Vasconcelos, GO Gonçalves, C Lana, IS Buick, SL Kamo, F Corfu, R. Scholz, A Alkmim, G Queiroga, H A Nalini Jr Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19​
Figure 2 from this publication
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Geochemistry of Al and Fe in freshwater and coastal water colloids from the west coast of Southern Africa 
BP von der Heyden, MG Frith, S Bernasek, TTylizszak, AN  Roychoudhury, SCB Myneni
GCA 241


​Fig. 1. Sample locations of fluvial and marine particles evaluated
in this study....


2017 publication list​​