Welcome to Stellenbosch University

What can I study?

Our topical education programmes of a high standard focus on the development of the full potential of all students by using the most suitable methods of instruction. Emphasis is also placed on the cultivation of a healthy scientific approach in students. The ideal is to produce graduandi who are competitive and highly in demand in the workplace, and who can function as independent, critical and creative thinkers.

Since the reality of local physical sciences within the context of the international scientific world cannot be disregarded, we also focus more and more on equipping students with scientific, language and electronic communication skills.

Our undergraduate students can attain a BSc degree in their chosen field, with a choice of study in Biological Science, Mathematical Sciences or Physical Science.

Courses of in-service training in Science are offered to students in the Faculties of AgriScience, Economic and Managerial Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences.

Each of our departments offers postgraduate programmes of study on honours, masters and doctoral level

Undergraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Programmes