Laser Research Institute
Welcome to Stellenbosch University


The LRI strives to be a centre​ of excellence in laser science and technology and laser applications, with a research focus on laser based diagnostics, laser research and development and laser applications in the medical​​ and industrial field. The LRI promotes the aims of the Department of Physics at the University of Stellenbosch and furthers the status of the department and it's lecturers.

The LRI will achieve this by:

​Carrying out internationally competitive and relevant applied and basic research and development projects, in laser systems, laser based diagnostics and laser applications in the medical and industrial field. Establishing and expanding knowledge and expertise in the laser field thereby placing the standard of training, research and development on the highest possible level.

Making this expertise available to industry and other institutions by providing them with assistance in training, design and problem solving and by carrying out contract research and development.

Disclosing the results by means of reports, journal publications and lectures and by securing intellectual property rights through patents.

Organising workshops, conferences, training courses and public lectures in the fields of laser technology and applications and laser safety.