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Studying Laser Physics

​The Laser Physics program follows a general BSc Physics curriculum at undergraduate level with specialization occurring at BSc Honours level. The topics covered are aligned with the research activities in the Laser Research Institute.

The LRI offers many opportunities for postgraduate studies in Laser Physics and Laser applications, on MSc and PhD levels.

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The undergraduate Laser Physics programme offers a choice between two streams:

  • Laser Physics (Physical stream). In this stream physics is combined with chemistry, mathematics, applied mathematics or computer science.
  • Laser Physics (Biological stream). In this stream physics is combined with chemistry, biochemistry and physiology to prepare for research where lasers and light are applied to biological questions.

BSc Honours in Laser Physics

In the Laser Physics Honours programme we cover advanced Optics, Quantum Optics and Laser Techniques, Laser Spectroscopy, physics of Atoms and Molecules. The experimental project that is required gives each honours student the opportunity to complete a hands-on experimental project in one of the LRI research laboratories.

​MSc in Laser Physics

Our Masters' students are active members of the teams working on our research projects, under supervision of a staff member and often in collaboration with a senior student. They have opportunities to attend national conferences and contribute to research papers.

PhD in Laser Physics

PhD students work on individual research problems, in collaboration with staff members, junior students and international collaborators. They have opportunities to write research papers, attend national and international conferences, and sometimes visit international collaborators.

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