The Department of Physiological Sciences undertakes investigative research to better understand the health challenges facing South Africa. We have several research groupings headed up by excellent principal investigators who tackle a variety of disease states. The rationale is to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms that drive the onset of pathophysiologic states, with the ultimate aim of designing novel therapeutic interventions.

Our laboratories are arguably the best equipped in our field within the South African context. For example, during the last few years we successfully established two Central Analytical Facility (CAF) units within our department, i.e. fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry. The animal housing facility is also located within our precinct and is successfully managed by highly qualified staff members of our department. We have recently been awarded an NRF Research Niche Area (RNA) for the investigation of skeletal muscle biology. Moreover, we are members of the MRC Interuniversity Heart Research Group that also includes researchers at the University of Cape Town and the Stell​enbosch University's medical campus.

Our dynamic vision means that we have successfully developed collaborative projects with several laboratories within South Africa and abroad. Colloquially this comprehensive strategic approach ensures the generation of first-class research outputs and the nurturing and development of human resources (students and staff), thereby further strengthening our national and international image within the Physiology discipline.

Please see below all of ​our different​ research groups, principal investigators and links to more information​ regarding each group, as well as inforamtion on our two Spin-out companies:

Research groups 

Principal Investigators

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Cardio-Oncology Research group ​​
​​Dr B Sishi
Muscle Research group
​Prof K Myburgh
Neuro Research group
​Prof B Loos
Cancer Research group
​Prof A-M Engelbrecht
Bio-Inspired Drug Delivery (BioIDD) Research Group
Dr ​Sanjeev Rambharose​

Bio-Inspired Drug Delivery (BioIDD) Research Group​
Integrated Metabolic Research Group
​Dr T Nell

Integrated Metabolic Research Group ​(IMRG)​

Clinical Hemorheology and Coagulation group
​Prof R Pretorius


​​Spin-out companies