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Physiological Sciences is found on the first floor of the Mike de Vries Building. We have a variety of undergraduate and post graduate laboratories.

  • Molecular Physiology Laboratory: This laboratory is one of the department’s main laboratories. Both undergraduate and post graduate training are done here. We have the newest apparatus to our disposal where students are trained with new techniques as well as developing new analytical techniques.
  • Histology Laboratory: This laboratory is mainly used for post graduate training. This division specialise in cell culture- and tissue preparation and staining for microscopy analysis.
  • Microscopy laboratory: This laboratory is used for post graduate research and training. It houses our Zeiss Axio Obser​ver 7 fluorescent microscope. 
  • Human Exercise Laboratory: The exercise laboratory is mainly used for both under graduate and post graduate training, but also for external athlete performance testing.
  • Cellular Physiology Laboratory: Our department’s research mainly centres around this laboratory. The laboratory has four laminar flow hoods with different types of incubators for culturing and analysing cell culture samples.
  • Haematology Laboratory: This laboratory is mainly used for post graduate research on different blood fractions and how it is influenced by​different diseases. 
  • Fluorescent Microscopy Unit (Central Analytical Facilities): Different advanced equipment are housed here. The unit is being used by different departments and also surrounding tertiary institutions .​
  • Biopac Undergraduate Laboratories: These laboratories are mainly used for the majority undergraduate practical training. The department is one of the first physiology departments nationally to switch to a more modern computerised physiology practical training programme. Students are exposed to the newest technology with interactive programmes to stimulate critical thinking in physiology.
  • Animal Physiology Laboratory: This laboratory is used for post graduate research that involves the use of animals to investigate certain diseases.