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​Module Code​Credits​Module Name​Teaching Load
BScHons in Microbiology  ​ ​ ​ ​
10439 - 772​60​Experimental Microbiology
Research Projects: Students are allocated to a research laboratory where they conduct an independent research project. Assessment is based on a research proposal, independent research in the laboratory and oral presentation of results.
Literature Review: A written literature review and oral presentation on a Microbiology related topic.
Oral examination: General knowledge in Microbiology is assessed.
​10721 - 773​30Techniques in Molecular Microbiology2L, 8P, 1T
Theory and practicals on techniques in molecular biology such as DNA cloning, bacterial and yeast transformations, plasmid isolations, isolation of genomic DNA from bacteria and fungi,  DNA sequencing, isolation and analysis of gDNA, mRNA and proteins, construction of DNA libraries. General techniques such as confocal microscopy , bioinformatics and statistical analysis.
10483 - 774​30​Selected Topics​3L, 4P
Selected topics are presented as mini-modules by lecturers or visiting researchers. Topics such as genome dynamics, biology of yeasts, transcriptional control of eukaryotic genes, taxonomy of fungi and environmental microbiology are covered.
MSc in Microbiology
66281-828​180​Thesis Microbiology
Independent research on an approved topic as determined by the supervisor(s) and leading to a thesis is required. This programme consists of a 100% thesis.

Assessment and Examination
After completion of the research you must submit a thesis for examination to the satisfaction of the examiners and do an oral examination.
PhD in Microbiology                                                                                                                                 
16284–978​360​Dissertation Microbiology
A dissertation containing the results of your independent scientific research is required and a completed an oral examination.