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Volschenk Laboratory


Main Research Theme
: Functional Microbial Bioinformatics
Group Leader: Dr Heinrich Volschenk
NRF Rating: C

Contact details:
Office: JC Smuts Building A323
Phone: +27 21 808 5851
​Email: volschenkh@sun.ac.za

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​​Research overview

Prof. Volschenk's research program takes a comprehensive approach to advancing the field of microbiology, integrating fundamental studies of microbial physiology with applied research in synthetic biology and bioautomation. At the core of his work is a focus on understanding the complex mechanisms underlying yeast physiology, employing functional bioinformatics techniques to unravel the intricate workings of these microorganisms. This foundational knowledge then serves as a springboard for his team's efforts in synthetic biology, where they leverage the power of genetic engineering and automation to push the boundaries of microbial cell factories. By adopting a systems biology perspective, Prof. Volschenk's research aims to develop a holistic understanding of microbial systems and their potential applications in biotechnology.

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