​​​​Division of Occupational Therapy

Postgraduate Research

All Master of Occupational Therapy students complete research as part of their degree. Research completed for the Master of Occupational Therapy by Thesis and PhD Occupational Therapy degrees is available on SunScholar.

Research completed recently for degree purposes includes:

Doctoral Research


COETZEE Z. A critical ethnography of the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability in the South African occupational therapy context. PhD, 2022. 254 pp. Supervisor: VAN NIEKERK L. Co-supervisor: Duncan M.

DE KLERK SM. The validity of the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) Questionnaire in Afrikaans for the Western Cape of South Africa." . PhD, 2022. 260 pp. Supervisor: Jerosch-Herold C. Co-supervisor: Buchanan H, VAN NIEKERK L.


VAN DER WALT J. Hopscotch – Development of a complex motor skill intervention for grade R children on the West Coast of South Africa . PhD, 2021. 254 pp. Supervisor: PLASTOW NA. Co-supervisor: UNGER M.


ENGELBRECHT MH. Occupational justice through paid work: a qualitative study of work transition programmes for youth with disabilities. PhD, 2020. 193 pp. Supervisor: VAN NIEKERK L. Co-supervisor: Shaw LE.


CHIKWANHA TM. Exploring factors shaping family involvement in promoting the participation of adults with substance use disorders in meaningful occupation. PhD, 2019. 256 pp. Supervisor: VAN NIEKERK L. Co-supervisor: Ikiugu MN.

Masters Research 


MARUME M. Rehabilitation following flexor tendon injury to the hand in African countries: a scoping review. M OT, 2022. 100 pp. Supervisor: DE KLERK SM. Co-supervisor: JACOBS-NZUZI KHUABI LJ.

MICHAU C. Public service users with upper limb conditions' adherence to home programmes: occupational therapy strategies within the Eastern Cape. M OT, 2022. 140 pp. Supervisor: DE KLERK SM. Co-supervisor: BESTER J.

SWART A. The barriers and facilitators of engaging in remote work in the open labour market for paid employment, as experienced by persons with spinal cord injuries (SCI) within the Gauteng Metropole:. M OT, 2022. 117 pp. Supervisor: JACOBS-NZUZI KHUABI LJ. Co-supervisor: FREDERICKS JP.

TUYISHIME J. Access to pediatric occupational therapy services: Views from healthcare providers at a rehabilitation hospital in Rwanda. M OT, 2022. 81 pp. Supervisor: FREDERICKS JP. Co-supervisor: CLOETE LG.

VAN GREUNEN I. Screening practices used by school-based occupational therapists to determine eligibility for special schools. M OT, 2022. 71 pp. Supervisor: WILLIAMS EW. Co-supervisor: CLOETE LG.

VAN WYK MB. Occupational Therapy Upper Limb Splinting Practice for Clients with Acquired Brain Injuries: A Cross-Sectional Study from South Africa. M OT, 2022. 130 pp. Supervisor: JACOBS- NZUZI KHUABI LJ. Co-supervisor: DE KLERK SM.


PERRINS GENDRON M. Exploring the use of play in health promotion: An African perspective. M OT, 2021. 175 pp. Supervisor: VAN NIEKERK L. Co-supervisor: CLOETE LG.

SONDAY H. Female mental health care users' perspectives of their occupational engagement at a tertiary psychiatric facility. M OT, 2021. 146 pp. Supervisor: CLOETE LG.

STEHLE L. Work-related Occupational Therapy Interventions for Breast Cancer Survivors – A Systematic Review. M OT, 2021. 109 pp. Supervisor: HOOSAIN MB. Co-supervisor: VAN NIEKERK L.

TURIKUMANA P. Barriers affecting participation in chosen Instrumental Activities of Daily Living among community-dwelling persons with Schizophrenia in Rwanda. M OT, 2021. 113 pp. Supervisor: CLOETE LG. Co-supervisor: FREDERICKS JP.

VISSER E. Occupation-based intervention and outcome measurement in therapy for upper limb musculoskeletal conditions: A systematic review. M OT, 2021. 99 pp. Supervisor: DE KLERK SM. Co-supervisor: JACOBS-NZUZI KHUABI LJ.


ZIETSMAN L. Exploring the value of mentorship programmes as a preventative strategy for prenatal alcohol use for at risk women in the South Africa. M OT, 2021. 97 pp. Supervisor: CLOETE LG. Co-supervisor: FREDERICKS JP.


DE VILLIERS M. The effect of knowledge of individualised sensory processing techniques on the occupational performance of adults with major affective disorders: A randomised controlled trial. M OT, 2020. 148 pp. Supervisor: PLASTOW NA.

DE WIT M. The usability of eLearning and mLearning interventions for preschool teachers and day care providers in LMICs: A scoping review and design recommendations. M OT, 2020. 69 pp. Supervisor: PLASTOW NA.

GANDAWA W. The effects of a life skills program versus volunteering to reduce alcohol use behaviour in secondary school adolescents in Otjiwarongo, Namibia: A parallel-group stratified randomised controlled experimental study. M OT, 2020. 154 pp. Supervisor: BESTER J. Co-supervisor: PLASTOW NA.

HUCHU R. An exploration of the stakeholders' experiences and perceptions of the sustainability of Ileni Mwiitaleleko Project in Oshikoto region, Namibia. M OT, 2020. 109 pp. Supervisor: CLOETE LG. Co-supervisor: PRETORIUS B.

OPOKU EN. Exploring the transition from student to clinician by the first cohort of occupational therapists in Ghana. M OT, 2020. 134 pp. Supervisor: VAN NIEKERK L. Co-supervisor: JACOBS-NZUZI KHUABI LJ.

TSATSI IA. An action research approach to optimizing a halfway house in Limpopo Province to meet the occupational needs of male mental health service users. M OT, 2020. 106 pp. Supervisor: PLASTOW NA.

UYS ME. The strategies and barriers addressed by occupational therapists in the process of successful work-related transitions for clients who have sustained serious hand injuries. M OT, 2020. 66 pp. Supervisor: VAN NIEKERK L. Co-supervisor: Buchanan H.​


LOUW HC. Namibian adolescents' experience of spirituality, as reflected in their engagement in creative occupations: a collective case study. M OT, 2019. 124 pp. Supervisor: VAN NIEKERK L.

MAVINDIDZE E.  Professional competencies required by occupational therapists to mitigate barriers and facilitate participation in work among persons with mental disabilities in Zimbabwe.  M OT, 2019 103 pp. Supervisor:  VAN NIEKERK L. Co-supervisor:  CLOETE LG.

VAN DER VLUGT K. The Content Validity of the Community Mobility Assessment Tool for Individuals (CoMATI) in the context of the Cape Town Metropole. M OT, 2019. 128 pp. Supervisor: SWANEPOEL L. Co-supervisor: JACOBS-NZUZI KHUABI LJ.