This is a ceremony arranged by the faculty where all new graduands can take the interprofessional Health Professional’s Pledge.

This is a pledge made in public to uphold the values of the faculty and the profession that they are joining. This pledge is one of the most important commitments made by an individual entering a health profession. Graduands’ participation in this ceremony allows them to make a commitment to be a health professional who respects people, cares for themselves, and treats others with dignity, integrity, and compassion.

Graduands will be invited to stand and read the Pledge together with a senior health professional, whereafter they will sign the faculty’s Pledge book that remains in the safe keeping of the faculty. Each graduand will receive a copy of the pledge in the three official languages of this province, English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa, which they are welcome to sign afterward.

Graduands who qualify for graduation for the undergraduate Nursing, MBChB, Health Sciences programmes, as well as graduands of the HonsBSc in Biokinetics programme may take the health sciences pledge.

Graduands listed above and their guests.

The Pledge Ceremony is always held on the day before the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences’ graduation ceremonies. There are two ceremonies. The December Pledge Ceremony is for graduands who qualify for the December graduation and the March/April Pledge Ceremony is for graduands who qualify for the March/April graduation.

The Pledge Ceremony is held at the Tygerberg Student Centre, Tygerberg Campus.

For the Pledge Ceremony at Tygerberg, only gowns are required.

For the Graduation Ceremon at Coetzenburg, gowns and hood are required.

Students must hire their gowns and hoods directly from Dippenaar & Reinecke at telephone 012 343 2945/7 or e-mail: admin@diprei.com. Dippenaar & Reinecke will have a stall on Tygerberg Campus for COLLECTION of gowns and hoods (the venue is confirmed in the official communication to graduands preceding the Pledge Ceremony).

The RETURN of gowns and hoods occurs at Dippenaar & Reinecke’s stall at Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch, following the graduation ceremony.

Official communication will be emailed to graduands’ email addresses from October onwards. You can also access the information on the dedicated Stellenbosch University Graduation website by clicking here.

A RSVP link will be made available on the official pledge ceremony invitation, which is sent to graduands during November.

Two guests per graduand are allowed in the Tygerberg Student Centre, which is where the ceremony is held. You are welcome to invite additional guests, who will be accommodated in the over-flow venue. The over-flow venue will be confirmed in the official communication to graduands.

Two tickets will be emailed to you as a Quicket-link a few days before the ceremony. The tickets are for guests attending the ceremony in the TSC. Guests seated in the overflow venue do not require tickets.

Please advise us as soon as possible of your cancellation of attendance. Please send an email to tygstudentadmin@sun.ac.za.

Yes, a Pledge Certificate can be emailed to you. Please send a request to tygstudentadmin@sun.ac.za.

Your name printed on the Pledge and Graduation Certificates is derived from the University’s Student Information System. If your name is spelled incorrectly on your student profile, it will print incorrectly on the Pledge Certificate, as well as your Graduation Certificate. It is each graduand’s responsibility to ensure that their name is spelled correctly on the University’s system. If you need to make a correction to your personal details, please send an email to vbj@sun.ac.za. Name request changes must reach us 2 weeks prior to the graduation and pledge ceremonies.

An official photographer will be arranged for the pledge ceremonies. Photographs will be taken on stage as well as at the signing of the pledge book.

Unfortunately, photographers hired by families cannot be accommodated, during the ceremony. There will be time available after the ceremony for families and friends to take photos at the pledge book.