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The Societies Council is a Section 3 body, established by the Student Constitution for the sacred task of protecting the rights of students as enshrined in the Bill of Student Rights. The Societies Council is especially entrusted with protecting the rights to, freedom of religion, belief, opinion, speech, and the freedom of association. The Societies Council is a unique structure amongst its Section 3 peers, being the only body that acquires its membership through voluntary association.

The Societies Council consists of Chairpersons of all registered and recognized​ student societies plus an additional representative appointed by each society chairperson, this body is the highest decision-making structure for all matters relating to the governance of Societies. The Societies Council protects and defends the rights of students and student societies, it also represents the voices and interests of student societies on the SRC governing body and to university management. The Societies Council provides a platform for society interaction and the resources necessary for societies to fulfil their functions, further the Council co-ordinates and provides structure to student societies to ensure their success. Societies are vital to the enhanced student experience and contribute immensely to the lives of many students, providing them with a place to fit in, support, career guidance, recreational development, and much more.

Vision: The Societies Council aims to produce a Societies Council that is self-sustaining and effective, with greater campus visibility and a Societies Council that produces competent student leaders. It further seeks to use the Societies Council as a platform for enhanced campus integration through multiple collaborations and partnerships in the pursuit of the enhanced student experience.

 Mission: The Societies Council provides a platform that equips student leaders with the skills and support required for them to; competently lead their respective communities, diversify their skills, and enhance community interactions.

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Societies Council Executive Committee​ 2021/2022



Tamara Wicomb 




Angelique Daniels


Kim Stoffels 

Financial Advisor and Interim Secretary ​


Chief Admin Officer 

Sinegugu April​



Akhona Shabangu​

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