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Palestinian Solidarity Forum

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Mission Statement

Out of a conviction based on human rights and social justice the Stellenbosch University Palestinian Solidarity Forum (SU PSF) was formed to promote awareness and education about the on-going conflict, and action in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. We were formed to encourage student activism at Stellenbosch University to fulfil the primary goal which is to put pressure on the university to declare Israel an Apartheid state and to endorse Boycott Divestment and Sanctions South Africa. We believe firmly that tertiary institutions in South Africa have immense influence in the international movement that has started for the liberation of the people of Palestine. In addition we were formulated to get students involved in the international boycott of the state of Israel. All boycott efforts in relation to Israeli products, and companies affiliated with the state will be encouraged so as to isolate the state much like apartheid South Africa was isolated in the 20th century.

Vision Statement

The SU PSF is a secular, non-racial, non-sexist student organisation committed to democratic principles. We wish to create a safe space that is inclusive of all members of society. We base our conviction on the four principles of Social Justice, Human Rights, Human Dignity, and the Right to Self-determination. As such we encourage these principles to be embraced by our membership base. We believe that a university offers more than a degree. We encourage students to embrace an Education. This entails development outside of the academic field. Student activism, political expression, advocacy for change, and a sense of social responsibility are important for all university students. We are leaders of society based simply on the advantage and privilege we have being able to study at a university and therefore we should act as such. 

Furthermore the SU PSF fights against indifference and apathy toward domestic issues and international issues. As Rosa Parks said, we can “walk and chew gum at the same time”. As citizens of South Africa and as global citizens we have a responsibility to fight against all forms of oppression both local and international. As such SU PSF is not just a platform for solidarity with the Palestinian cause but for all causes related to human rights, social justice, human dignity, and the right to self-determination. Our ultimate vision is to see Stellenbosch University students united for the cause. As was said, the litmus test for how progressive a university was in the 1970s was where it stood on the issue of South Africa. In the 21st century this litmus test is Palestine. As Maties we take pride in our university and therefore we will ensure that its name is synonymous with justice and freedom in this particular cause.

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