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Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals

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The Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) was established
in 1995 to address the apparent lack of representation of black professionals in the securities
and investment industry. It was also conceived as a platform to address the aspirations of
those in the industry and to create a forum for black professionals to exchange information
and ideas.
The mandate of ABSIP has evolved to encompass the empowerment of black professionals
across the financial industry. Accordingly, its membership has grown to include the following
sub-sectors: Asset management, Consulting, Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance,
Corporate Managerial and Financial Consulting, Employee Benefits, Insurance, Investment
Banking, Retail Banking, Private Banking, Private Equity, Stock-Broking, and Treasury.
ABSIP has become widely recognised as an influential force in the transformation of the
Financial Sector as evidenced by its participation in drafting the landmark Financial Sector
Charter. ABSIP is an affiliate member of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA).
ABSIP is about training students to evolve as future leaders of a democratic society by
equipping them with skills, resources and networking opportunities for them to grow
individually and collectively, in respect for the law, discipline, civic sense and building
sustainable knowledge and support systems for students to reach their full potential.
In particular, this society aims to bridge the gap between university and the corporate
environment, by enabling professional development from a young age. Moreover, it shall be a
platform for students to network with professionals and stakeholders in industry, with a focus
at creating awareness of the various opportunities available in the industry and enhancing
knowledge through information sharing.
As it accrues a sustainable knowledge and support system for students to overcome
hindrances to reach their full potential and connect ideas, entrepreneurship, innovative
thinking and thought leadership shall be actively encouraged.


Succinctly, our vision is towards a transformed, fully inclusive, ethically run financial sector
that equitably represents black professionals and black business to enable sustainable growth
for the sector and South Africa at large.
The ABSIP Student Chapter at Stellenbosch University will contribute to orchestrating
positive change and growth in financial services to drive the development of opportunities for
our members.
The Society’s purpose is to seek to be the platform and lead agent that espouses youth
economic transformation in the financial services industry and the broader economy,
embracing the credo of ABSIP in the Stellenbosch University student community.
Discretely, the intentions of the ABSIP Student Chapter at Stellenbosch University are to:
i. increase awareness and membership by being the preferred organisation for students,
professionals and organisations in the financial services sector;
ii. provide thought leadership in all policy and legislative matters affecting the financial
services sector and the broader economy;
iii. actively promote the development of black female professionals and black female-
controlled companies in the sector;
iv. foster strategic relationships with like-minded organisations and provide a platform
for students to network with professionals and stakeholders in the industry;
v. facilitate growth in the demographic representation of the number of black
professionals, black-owned and black-women owned companies, including in the
core strategic areas of the financial services sector;
vi. promote the financial sector and allied professions within the black communities;
vii. accelerate skills and career development among black professionals at all levels in the
viii. ensure long term financial stability and provide adequate resources to implement
programs; and
ix. to recognise and celebrate success and excellence in the sector.

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