Student Societies
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​​​​​​​​How do I sign up to a society?​​​

Signing up online

Signing up to societies is easy-peasy and you can do it straight from your computer.

  1. Follow this link

  2. Log in with your student number and campus password. 

  3. Choose the society you want to join from the drop down list. 

  4. Once you have signed up successfully you will receive a message. 

  5. Make sure to check your emails. You will receive an email containing the contact details of the society you joined​. 

  6. When you sign up the society will receive your contact details and add you to their distribution list. 

The membership amount is automatically charged to your student account. 

​Cash sign ups

​To sign up in cash please contact the society directly in order to get their cost point number. You can then go to Admin A and pay the memebership fee into their cost point. 

Please retain your receipt as proof of payment. 

How do I deregister from a society?

To deregister from a society​​ please contact the society directly and inform them why you want to deregister. 

Please note that it is at the society's discretion whether they will allow deregistration or not. ​