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EWB-Maties: Engineers Without Borders - Maties

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EWB-Maties, affiliated with Engineers Without Borders South Africa, is a non-profit humanitarian society which harnesses the power of engineering and diverse perspectives to build and empower local communities.


We believe that change starts with the youth of today – YOU.


Be a part of a dynamic team where brainstorming meets practical implementation. Identify problems in the surrounding communities and collaborate with others to find sustainable solutions. Not only will you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many people, but you will also undertake a journey of self-discovery and development. Some interesting projects you could look forward to this year include:


  1. Kennel renovations at AWSS
  2. Hour of code with high school students from Kayamandi
  3. Speed mentoring with industry professionals
  4. Human Centered Design (HCD) collaboration event
  5. Smaller projects such as socials and community clean-ups


IMPORTANT NOTICE: You do not have to be an engineering student to be a part of the society. We value diversity and inclusion of students from all backgrounds.

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Instagram: ewb_maties

Facebook: EWB-Maties

LinkedIn: Engineers Without Borders Maties

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