2020 December graduation: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


A previous communication informed graduates that their graduation documents would be sent to them by registered mail via the Post Office on 11 January 2021.

Yet there was a slight delay in sending the documents, as the University first had to process a large number of self-collection requests. We apologise for this delay and wish to confirm that all graduation documents have now been posted. Graduates should have received their tracking numbers via SMS. If you have not received your tracking number, you may request it from info@sun.ac.za. Please use your SU e-mail address to make this enquiry.

(Updated 1 February 2020)

Graduates can track their documents by visiting either of the following two websites:


Alternatively, you may enquire about the status of your documents at your local post office – there is no need to wait for their notification slip. Please use your tracking number as a reference.

Also note that the University cannot track international mail once it has left South Africa.

  • All queries relating to Tygerberg campus December 2020 graduation documents should be addressed to Mrs Nobukho Njemla-Klaas at nnjemla@sun.ac.za.
  • For all queries relating to Bellville campus December 2020 graduation documents, please contact Mrs Sonja van Zyl at sonjavz@usb.ac.za.

(Updated 1 February 2020)

The documents of graduates with outstanding fees will be held back.

Please contact Mrs Rene Stockigt at rstockigt@sun.ac.za if you have settled your student fee account after the December graduation ceremony. Arrangements to come and collect graduation documents should be made in advance – no student will be allowed entry without prior arrangement with Mrs Stockigt. Further follow-ups may be referred to studentaccounts@sun.ac.za.

(Updated 1 February 2020)

*Previous communication*

The closing date to arrange for self-collection was 8 January 2021. No further requests are possible at this stage, as the documents have been packaged and sent for distribution.

(Updated 1 February 2020)

1. Admin A is currently closed to the public. Therefore, graduates are kindly requested to make prior arrangements with Mrs Kea Raikane (kraikane@sun.ac.za or +27 21 808 9272) for the collection of their graduation documents. No student will be allowed entry without prior arrangement.

2. Students who have already made prior arrangements for self-collection and received confirmation from Mrs Raikane (or Mrs Stockigt from Student Accounts) to collect their documents, must follow these steps:

  • Use the entrance next to the Client Service Centre, i.e. the entrance to the left of the main entrance.
  • Produce your confirmation e-mail as proof to gain entry.
  • Only one person per collection will be allowed inside the building. No friends or family will be allowed to enter with you.

3. You will be required to:

  • wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times;
  • maintain a distance of 1,5 m from others;
  • show your green Healthcheck passport upon entry (please visit www.healthcheck.higherhealth.ac.za;
  • sanitise your hands; and
  • sign the register for tracking purposes.

4. To self-collect, you will be asked for proof of identity with a clearly visible picture and your student number. If someone will be collecting on your behalf, this person should produce a confirmation letter in which permission is granted, including all relevant identification details, your contact number and the date of collection. Ensure that the letter is properly signed.

5. No-one will be allowed further access to Admin A for whatever reason.

(Updated 1 February 2020)

Courier collection is permitted by prior arrangement only. Courier collections must be arranged by graduates themselves, at their own cost. The same procedure as for self-collection applies. The courier must supply the student number and surname as proof.

(Updated 1 February 2020)


We realise that not being able to physically attend a graduation ceremony comes with great disappointment for our graduands and their families, and it is regrettable that we find ourselves in this situation brought about by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

This extremely difficult decision was based on the fact that it will neither be possible to host large graduation ceremonies for our expected total of more than 6 000 graduands plus guests and essential staff within the current regulations, nor to accommodate in excess of 30 smaller ceremonies for groups of 250 people at a time. Having hybrid ceremonies to recognise the achievements of our graduands is the best practical solution to ensure compliance and mitigate the risks associated with large gatherings. The University considers this to be the most responsible approach.

We understand that nothing can replace that moment of crossing the stage, but whereas we hardly had any time to prepare for taking the April 2020 graduation online, our team will be putting something special together for December.

All candidates, except for PhD candidates, will receive their respective qualifications in absentia via a virtual graduation.

You must notify the University by completing the relevant form, which is available on the student portal. NB: Form available at my.sun >> Studies>> Absence from graduation ceremony

Your academic documents will be issued to you via registered mail. Please make sure your postal address details are correct on the system.

Undergraduate: my.sun.ac.za > Administration > Address and Contact Information (Click here)
Postgraduate: my.sun.ac.za > Admin and Support > Address and Contact Information (Click here)

Graduation documentation of all graduates residing locally (within South African borders) will be sent via registered mail during the first week of January 2021. The South African Post Office is experiencing a delay with the dispatch of some of these documents due to Covid-19. Graduates are requested to check with their local post office using the tracking number supplied via SMS on their cell phones.

Graduates must further ensure that their cell phone numbers are updated on the system in order to receive their tracking numbers via SMS on their cell phones.

Undergraduate: my.sun.ac.za > Administration > Address and Contact Information (Click here)
Postgraduate: my.sun.ac.za > Admin and Support > Address and Contact Information (Click here)

Once in possession of their tracking numbers, students may also track their degree documentation by using the following websites:

Students may arrange for self-collection as from 4 January 2021 from the Information Desk in Admin A.


  • Students should submit proof of identity with a visible photo and their student number to self-collect
  • If someone else collects on behalf of student, this person should produce a confirmation letter in which permission is granted. The letter should contain all relevant identification as well as the student’s contact number.
  • Signatures and the date of collection are also required.

Courier collections:

  • These documents will also be left at the Information Desk for collection by courier.
  • If the courier option is added to the system, it will be indicated on the graduation list. An Excel list will be generated and the Examination Office would be able to prepare these documents beforehand.

Application for the Self - collection process of December 2020 degree certificates

Students may email kraikane@sun.ac.za to arrange self – collection at the Information Desk at Admin A.
Deadline for application: 08 January @10:00am (Final extension. Kindly note no further applications will be dealt with after this deadline.)
All degree certificates will be sent out to students by registered mail as from Monday, 11 January 2021. Students should have already received tracking numbers in this regard.

Yes, postponing to March means that you will only graduate then, i.e. receive your certificate at that stage. We would, however, be able to issue a letter stating that you have met the requirements of your qualification – most employers should accept this for employment purposes.

Yes, we would be able to issue a letter stating that you have met the requirements of your qualification. Most employers should accept this for employment purposes. You can request this letter from the applicable faculty administrator.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that we cannot accommodate. We have more than 6 000 graduands in December 2020, and many would choose this option, if it were feasible. The numbers are too large to issue certificates now and have students cross the stage for ceremonial purposes with all the new graduands of March 2021.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to have large ceremonies in March 2021, as the Covid-19 pandemic remains a risk. We are planning as though things will be back to normal by then, but the pandemic and government regulations will determine whether we can proceed as planned.

There are still many countries, including African countries, whose borders remain closed. The graduation documentation for international graduates will be sent to the countries that have opened. SU has been informed by the South African Post Office that there will be major delays with the delivery, the extent of which is not known at this stage. The Post Office will keep SU updated.

Graduates and students in urgent need of copies of their academic documents may send a request to records@sun.ac.za to receive an electronic copy of their academic documents. You are kindly requested to specify your need in the subject heading (please also include your student number), by indicating either or both of the following:

  • Academic record and/or
  • Degree certificate

Payment options:

To ensure that the person requesting the above documents is the verified student, all applications for documents need to be submitted as follows:

  1. Students currently registered at SU
    a. You will need to go to my.sun.ac.za. Click on the Administration Tab and then select Certificates and Records.
    b. You will be required to log in using your student number and password.
    c. You will be required to choose a method of payment. If you choose any method of payment other than a credit card, you will need to email the proof of payment to records@sun.ac.za before the documents will be released.
    d. You can also pay at the cashiers in Admin A and get the documents at the Enquiries Desk. (Please note that this option is currently not possible due to Covid-19.)
  2. Alumni
    a. All alumni are required to send an email to alumni@sun.ac.za with their student number, full name and surname and date of birth, to request a login and password to the website.
    b. Once you have received your login, go to the website, click on the menu tab titled Request Documentation and submit your request.
    c. If you choose any method of payment other than a credit card, you will need to email proof of payment to records@sun.ac.za before the documents will be released.

Alumni are advised to change their password immediately after receiving it by clicking here.

The costs associated with the issuing of your academic documents are as follows:

  • Degree certificate: R95 each
  • Academic record (one copy covers all years and degrees): R70 each

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that we cannot accommodate. Due to the Department of Higher Education and Training’s regulatory and reporting requirements, we can only allow for a deferral from December to March the following year.

The rule pertaining to graduation (please refer to rule 18.4 on pp. 112–113 of the 2020 General Calendar) stipulates:

“If, for whatever reason, a final-year student makes use of the second round of examinations in a module of the November examinations in November/December, and passes, such student will obtain his qualification at the March (sometimes April) graduation ceremonies of the following year.”

This rule was implemented for practical reasons, as the duration between the second-opportunity assessment cycle and the graduation ceremonies (physical and virtual) would not be sufficient for us to process the results. We are therefore unable to accommodate any request of this nature.

Yes, your SUN card and PC login will expire on 31 March 2020. Please copy all your data from the H-drive and one drive to an external HDD or other cloud storage. Please save or forward your e-mails to a personal e-mail address
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