Photographs will be taken during and after the ceremony by the University’s official photographers, currently Stellenbosch Centre for Photographic Services.

Please note:

  • During the graduation ceremony, three photographs of each candidate will be taken on stage when the qualification is awarded. An order form will be sent to graduates after the ceremonies. Alternatively access the form by clicking HERE.
  • They will be available to take photographs prior to the graduation ceremony and after the ceremony at the Sport Science Building at Coetzenburg. Graduates should deal directly with Stellenbosch Centre for Photographic Services once the photographs have been taken.

Contact Details

Tel: 021 808 3073/9260
Email: pacj@sun.ac.za OR orders@scpsphoto.com
Website: www.scpsphoto.co.za
Bookings: (08:00–16:30)
Stellenbosch University, Admin A, Room 1013, Ryneveld Street