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The Student Court is primarily responsible for ensuring that your society's constitution is in line with the "Student Court Guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as "The Guide​"). The Guide sets out the basic provisions every society's constitution needs to have before being approved by the Student Court. These are just the basic provisions and you and your society can add more provisions to suite your needs. Please note, however, that we will not review any constitution that does not prima facie - at first sight - comply with the Guide. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult the Guide before drafting your constitution and while drafting your constitution. 

How does the review process work?

When your constitution is finished, please email it to or Please ensure that it is in MS Word format. Once your constitution is received, we will immediately thereafter acknowledge receipt and give you an approximate date as to when your constitution will be reviewed (​we have a "first come, first served"​ review policy).

When your constitution is reviewed for the first time, one of two things can happen: 

Firstly, your constitution may not be prima facie – at first sight - in line with the Guide. This will be the case when, for example, the constitution is missing a basic section as per the Guide or is not numbered properly. In such an instance, your constitution will be sent back to you, with an explanation of why it has not been approved. The onus is on you to make the necessary amendments and send it back to us.

Secondly, your constitution does prima facie comply with the Guide. Once this has been established, adequate feedback will be provided with regard to procedural manners within your constitution. Please ensure that you take into account the feedback and make the necessary amendments​ to your constitution before sending it back to us. If we are satisfied that the constitution is inline with the Guide, we will issue an approval certificate - and you are one step closer to registering your society! ​

How long will it take?

Due to a considerable amount of constitutions being submitted, we are currently dealing with a backlog. Accordingly, we have adopted a "first in, first review" policy, which means constitutions that where submitted first will be reviewed first. We hope that our prima facie approach will also speed things up in the sense that we will not waste time on constitutions that are not inline with the Guide. Once your constitution is prima facie in line with the constitution, we will review it within a week and we will also approve it within a week after amendments have been made.

Please follow us on  twitter @studentehof  for regular updates or email us for an update on the status on your constitution.