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​Welcome to the Faculty of Military Science

A Kraal of Intellectual Innovation and Wise Warriors​​

(The importance of the Kraal is inherent to African culture. It implies a place of learning, where youngsters are socialised and groomed, where planning is done, advice is given, wisdom and knowledge are imparted and finally it is a place where warriors are prepared for their supreme military duties. Intellectual Innovation refer to the notion that we cannot allow ourselves to become stagnant. We must be creative, our knowledge systems must keep track and we must take cognisance of the newest academic and military developments. Wise Warriors refer to the fact that professional military practitioners receive an education, while their leadership capacity, insight and ability to judge are enhanced at the Military Academy.)



Security and Africa Studies, Security and Africa StudiesSecurity and Africa Studies
Science & Technology, Science & TechnologyScience & Technology
Human Resource Development, Military Academy, Human Resource Development, Military AcademyHuman Resource Development, Military Academy
Geospatial Studies & Information Systems, Geospatial Studies & Information SystemsGeospatial Studies & Information Systems
Defence Organisations and Resource Management, Defence Organisations and Resource ManagementDefence Organisations and Resource Management

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