Military Science
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Department of Strategic Studies (Mil)

​At the South African Military Academy, the subject Military Strategy involves a focus and study of security thinking, national security, strategy formulation, the execution of strategy and internal conflict.  All modules have a specific focus on the African region.


At the undergraduate level the modules commence in the second year of study and comprise the following: [ All entry and exit qualifications are governed by the rules and conditions set out in the Faculty of Military Science Calendar Part 13]


214 – Study of strategic thought and concepts

244 – Introduction to African Security

314 – Contemporary thought on low-intensity conflict

344 - Conventional Schools of thought and future warfare.


Candidates qualifying and allowed to commence with postgraduate studies have the following modules to choose from.


At the honours level:

744 – Research Methodology (Compulsory)

744 – Research assignment: National security of southern African states (Compulsory)


Optional modules

744 - Contemporary warfare in Africa

744 - SA Defence policy since 1994

744 - Advanced study of military and operational strategy

744 - Strategic intelligence and threat perception


MMil in Military Strategy:  The options comprise a full thesis or a structured qualification comprising modules and a thesis of 90 credits.