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Social Impact Committee

​Military Academy, Faculty Military Science (FMS) Social Impact Projects for 2023

​​With the vision, mission, and values, which form the cornerstone of the Military Academy, Faculty Military Science (FMS), we are committed to further values of global social responsibility.  Given our unique mandate, we play an active role in protecting our nation's safety and security and continuously strive towards good governance.  Our social impact focus supports all SDG's that may contribute to our mandate.  These activities are coordinated by the Faculty's Social Impact Committee.

Social Impact includes, but not limited to community interaction alone. Social Impact, by its nature, is integrated with teaching, learning, research, and engaged citizenship. Some of the Social Impact initiatives for 2023 were either ongoing projects (from previous years), new projects registered in 2023, or informal projects that are not yet registered, but the project holders aim to register them during 2024. Click here for the SI projects.


Please support "Keep a girl at school" initiative by ​Cpl Marnuchelle Badenhorst, Miss Elegance Finalist 2023.

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