Military Science
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Finance Fundamentals.pngVision, mission, values and goals
VISION: A leader in military-contextualised higher education and professional military development.

Budget Management.pngHuman Resource      Development

The School aims to develop the potential of members of the South African National Defence F




Budget Management.pngSecurity and Africa Studies

Professional military and naval officers are characterised by their ability to multi-task within ever changing and challenging environments.



Governance.png School for Science and Technology

This school provides selected officers with education in technology as applied in the military environment. 



Finance Fundamentals.pngGeospatial Studies and Information Systems
The School’s mission is to produce milit ary scholars endowed with relevant knowledge in computer technology and contextual military geographic education gained through practical teaching, learning and practice in computer studies.                      Read more...

Fund Management.pngSchool for Organisation  and Resource  Management

The School aims to provide members of the DoD, the knowledge, attitudes and skills, to effectively manage the resources and organisational environment of the military.

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