​​​​​Section Military Development (SMD)​​​

 1.         Introduction.  Section Military Development (SMD) is the part of the unit where the command and control of undergraduate students is entrusted                      and is also responsible for the presentation of Military Professional Development programme.   


2.         Vision.            Excellent military officers.


3.         Mission.  To ensure excellence by conducting and facilitating continued military professional development of undergraduate students at the Military                  Academy.


4.         Current Structure.  Click here for the current SMD structure


5.         Military Days. On these days students participate in the following activities:

a.         Drill session on Parade

b.         Military training and development


6.         Higher Certificate Military Studies. For a student to qualify for this certificate he/she must be found competent on the following subjects

a.         Civic education

b.         Conventions of Service Writing

c.         Military history

d.         Personal finance

e.         Musketry (R4 and 9mm Pistol shooting)

f.          Regimental aspects

g.         Profession of Arms

7.         Military weeks (November and December)

 a.        First Year Students participate in Musketry Coaching Training

b.         Second Year Students participate in Trans Enduro

c.         Third Year Students participate in SANDF Re-integration exercise.