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Research Committee


  • Stellenbosch University emphasises a research-centric ethos, with a mission encapsulated by its motto “your knowledge partner."
  • This dedication extends to contributions in research both domestically and internationally, ensuring globally recognised standards and of the South African context are maintained.


Faculty of Military Science Research Aims

  • Adhere to SU's research guidelines, emphasising research-orientation.
  • Drive capacity-building, inclusivity, and quality research outputs.
  • Target outputs: One conference contribution and one peer-reviewed publication per FMS member annually.
  • Boost research-based master's and PhD degrees and increase doctorate-holding FMS academic staff members.
  • Amplify external research funding and promote NRF ratings for staff.


Research Planning at FMS

  • FMS departments devise research plans, aligning with SU's Research Strategy.
  • Goals encompass needs of SA National Defence Force (SANDF), the defence sector, and academic materials.
  • Prioritise the establishment of internal and external research networks.
  • FMS also stresses exchange programs with foreign academic institutions to enhance research collaboration, supervision, curriculum development, and overall knowledge exchange.
  • Annually, FMS intends to host and participate in various national and international military-related academic events to fortify its research culture.


Management of Research

  • FMS's Vice-Dean (Research) takes the helm on all research matters, reporting to the Dean.
  • The FMS Research Committee supports the Vice-Dean (Research), steering research opportunities and funding towards FMS members and aligning projects with defence needs and National Research Foundation areas.


FMS Research Committee Composition

  • The FMS Research Committee (FMS RC) reports to the Vice-Dean (Research) - FMS of Military Science (FMS).
  • The committee can have up to 18 members. While having a PhD is preferred, it isn't a requirement.
  • Key positions: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Faculty Director, and representatives from different academic disciplines, the Centre for Military Studies (CEMIS), and a representative from Scientia Militaria.
  • Service terms for most roles are 3 years. The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary can be re-elected.
  • The election of the Chair involves a nomination process, followed by a voting procedure if there's more than one nominee.



The FMS RC aims to:

  • Foster a research culture and deepen research scholarship.
  • Manage research-related budgets.
  • Enhance research competencies of FMS members and postgraduate students.
  • Market and promote high-quality research.
  • Encourage inter-departmental and institutional collaboration.
  • Adapt and implement SU-approved research policies within FMS.
  • Oversee postgraduate studies in FMS.
  • Report on research activities to stakeholders.
  • Maintain an FMS research database.

To achieve these goals, the committee:

  • Holds regular meetings on research matters.
  • Allocates budgets for research activities transparently.
  • Provides feedback to FMS members on research activities and opportunities.
  • Encourages higher education attainment and supervision of post-graduate projects.
  • Promotes the NRF rating of FMS members.
  • Shares capacity-building opportunities and mentorship programs.
  • Organizes annual internal workshops and seminars.
  • Supports national and international research networks.
  • Ensures ethical compliance in research through collaboration with the FMS Research Ethics Committee.

Standard Working Procedures (SWP) for Postgraduate Studies

The Standard Working Procedures (SWP) for Higher Degrees (HSOP-HD) outlines the standard working procedures for the Faculty of Military Science (FMS) regarding higher degrees and postgraduate studies. The SWPs and related enclosures are available at the following link: SWPs for Postgraduate Studies.


Expression of Interest (EOI) for Postgraduate Studies at the FMS

Are you considering advancing your studies in the field of military science? If the Faculty of Military Science (FMS) aligns with your academic aspirations, we'd love to hear from you. Click the following link to access and complete the 'Expression of Interest for Postgraduate Studies at the FMS' form. Once filled out, please forward your submission to Ms Mari Basson (Faculty Officer) at Take the next step in your educational journey with FMS!

Service Request and Financial Process

The FMS Research Committee is responsible for funding of research-related activities of the FMS. The FMS RC will deliberate on and consider requests for funding by FMS members during FMS RC meetings. The following financial process for approval should be followed by faculty members:

  • Requests for funding submissions should reach the FMS RC at least a week prior to any of the four FMS RC meetings for consideration.
  • The Online FMS RC Request for Service Form must be completed and submitted online for consideration at the next FMS RC meeting. The FMS RC Secretary will ensure a copy is made available on the FMS RC share drive where FMS RC members can peruse the documentation prior to FMS RC meetings.
  • Funding requests are considered, and decisions are based on collective consensus and, thereafter, ratified by the FMS RC.
  • Approved requests for funding will be minuted and such minutes will be tabled at the EXCOM in the form of a standardised cover letter for ratification.
  • Once EXCOM has ratified the submission - standardised correspondence will follow, signed by the FMS RC Chair (in support of the roles and functions of the Vice-Dean [research and Internationalisation]), Director of FMS Management, and the Dean.
  • Once the Office of the Dean has signed the FMS RC Service Request Forms the FMS RC Secretary will inform the members affected to collect the approved Service Request Forms for further processing by each individual member on the SUNFin system.
  • Once the Service Requests for funding have been collected by the affected members the responsibility for SUNFin processes shifts entirely to member for processing and subsequent reconciliation.


Service Request Application and Funding

Applications for service requests, as described in the FMS Terms of Reference, and funding submissions should be made by using the FMS Research Committee Service Request Form, which is available at the following link: FMS Research Committee Service Request Form.

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  • Chair FMS Research Committee: Capt (SAN) (Dr) Dries Putter (022 702 3009 /
  • Secretary FMS Research Committee: Mr Marno Swart (022 702 3119 /