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Department of Computer Information Systems

‚ÄčComputer Information Systems (CIS) involves the study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), that aims at empowering members of the defence community to research, design, develop, implement, maintain, utilise and manage secure ICT capabilities within the military environment.

The Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) teaches Information Technology related material in all the graduate programs at the Military Academy.  Basic computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, electronic mail and Internet skills are taught to all students.  The student that selects CIS as a major subject will be exposed to problem solving techniques, programming (using JAVA) and Software Engineering during the first year.  More advanced programming skills, computer architecture, systems analysis and design and an in-depth look at modern operating systems follow in the second year.  The student is introduced to more advanced topics such as data communication networks, databases and computer security in their final year of under-graduate studies.  Management of Information Systems is a topic specifically presented towards the end of the third year.  The CIS curriculum consists of modules from traditional Computer Science and Information Systems programmes.  This fusion of the two disciplines creates a unique opportunity for students to be exposed to expertise and developments in the complex field of Information Systems and Technology.