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Department of Political Science

At the South African Military Academy, the subject of Political Science involves a focus and study of Politics and governance and Foreign Policy,.  All modules have a specific focus on the African region.


At the undergraduate level the following modules are presented: [ All entry and exit qualifications are governed by the rules and conditions set out in the Faculty of Military Science Calendar Part 13]


114 – Introduction to Politics

144 – Introduction to International Relations and Civil-Military Relations

214 – South Africa and the International Community

244 – Introduction to African Politics

314 – African Political Thought

344 – Africa and the International Political Economy


Candidates qualifying and allowed to commence with postgraduate studies have the following modules to choose from.


At the current moment no honours programme exist in Political Science, however the Security and Africa Studies Programme on honours level exists for such students:


741 – Research Methodology (Compulsory)

742 – International Political Theory (Compulsory)

743 – South African Political-military Profile in Africa

Optional modules

744 – Conflict in Africa

745 – Africa and the Changed Security Agenda

746 Research assignment: National Security of Southern African States


MMil in Security and Africa Studies:  The options comprise a full thesis or a structured qualification comprising modules and a thesis of 90 credits.

The current lecturing staff in the department:


Col B.P.O. Mokoena

(School Chair)

Lecturer of Political Science

 (022) 702 3117


Mr Craig Bailie

(Departmental Chair)

Lecturer of Political Science

(022) 702 3119

Skype name: craig.bailie1