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Welcome message: Commandant


​​The year 201​4 has been a very busy, albeit successful year for the Military Academy.  With various high-profile visits to the unit, as well as unit activities that kept members together, the Military Academy was re-established as an asset to the DOD and the country as a whole. With dedicated staff, the students were supported to the fullest during 2014 both on an academic level, as well as in their professional military development.
As the Commandant, I sincerely feel obliged to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have stood and supported the Military Academy in times of need to end 2014 at such a high note.  It's absolutely an honour beyond measure to lead a professional team of men and women of such a form​idable high stature, a well dedicated team.
The officer's corps sets the pace, provides professional standards and creates the professional image of the DOD.  It is therefore imperative, that the unit's core business, namely successful students / officers, has to be the focus at all times. 
​To do this, the military professional (both officersand non-commissioned officers) must apply insights and develop an intellectual sensitivity to all different demanding situations.Thanks to the role and intervention of the DOD leadership the "refurbishment project worth R226m", has finally been approved and is ready to take off in January 2015.​ With the future expansion and capital project being a future reality, receiving the necessary attention there, there is no doubt in my mind that the Academy is currently positioning itself as an institution of strategic relevance to the DOD.

I therefore extend my plea to all Services, Divisions, up to the lowest serving member of the DOD not to hesitate to forward their requirements to the Academy, so as to remain relevant to the needs of the DOD.  We don't only want to be perceived relevant as an institution to the DOD and Military veterans , but to be regarded a pedestal of hope to the broader community of the DOD.

The unit has also successfully developed a coherent medium and short term planning process, which formed the basis for sound management of the institution this year.  May the team continue to work together in this manner.

I would like therefore to thank the faculty members, support staff as well as students, who all contributed to what we achieved this year.  Also a big thanks to the West Coast community for supporting us, especially for honouring the Military Academy with the Freedom of the Town parade in Vredenburg.  And finally thank you to all DOD members, who through their interest in the unit, assisted to elevate the unit to be the best it can be.

We remain committed as an institution irrespective of the challenges we are encountering, to be focused and committed to our vision and mission​.​