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Department for Nautical science

‚ÄčNautical Science covers a wide spectrum of modules, specifically designed for combat officers in the SA Navy.  From time to time we do accommodate members from Special Forces to strengthen their knowledge for water-bound operations.  Mathematics and Physics form an integral part of all six modules in the form of derivations and calculations and hence students not following the Technology programme are required to take the Service Course in Mathematics (Mathematics 124) as well as the two Algebra based Physics modules (Physics 124 & 154).

The 1st year level focuses on coastal and deep-sea navigation, astro-navigation, oceanography and meteorology.  These are all theoretical components and practical work is done at sea during recess times and military weeks during their 3-year stay at the Academy.  The 2nd year consists of a module on electronic navigation systems, including the theory of GMDSS, as well as a module introducing marine engineering principles.  The 3rd year consists of a module on ship stability and a module introducing naval architecture.

All modules are presented to fulltime residential students only and no distance education is entertained.

Nautical Science is unique in the sense that it is totally client driven and the Military Academy is the only tertiary institution where this type of curricular content is presented at degree level.