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Welcome to the University's language website. On this site we would like to show you the important work being done in the field of language planning at SU. A lot has happened since 2002 to bring us to where we are today: Language matters at Stellenbosch were debated thoroughly, there were intensive rounds of dialogue on campus, there were revision processes, a tremendous amount of work went into implementation at various levels, research is undertaken continually, and there is even marketing of our language planning and language management.

Feel free to follow the links on this website to discover what lies behind language planning at a higher education institution. The site is not intended merely to introduce the Language Policy and Language Plan, but also to convey something of the spirit and the complexity of language planning at our university.

With this little booklet we not only want to showcase the scope of our language planning activities, we also wish to convey that language planning entails more than just language – it is concerned particularly with the best interests of people.

Here you can read more about SU's attitude towards matters such as innovative language planning, our position regarding Afrikaans, the challenges we have to face head-on and the considerable work being done in the field of language development and language support.


Language Centre

Good language planning entails that good research has to be done in order to ensure that the planning remains on track. This section contains information on the Research Programme: Language Development and Language Empowerment, and on different projects arising from this programme.

Language as bearer of HOPE

The departure point of this project is contained in the motto:
No development or empowerment without language development and language empowerment.
Within the bigger macro-project, we focus on the importance of improved language skills, the role of multilingualism and our specific responsibility to advance Afrikaans and the African languages within our multilingual context.