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Corporate Communication and Marketing / Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking 8/11/2020 14:44System Account8/11/2020SU Main Carousel; Staff Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Staff Carousel;
8/11/2020 10:53Women overcome many obstacles
FMHS Marketing & Communication / FGGW Bemarking & Kommunikasie - Tyrone August8/11/2020 14:40System Account8/11/2020Alumni Carousel; Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel; SU Main Carousel
Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel;Alumni Carousel;
8/11/2020 13:45New head of anaesthesiology brimming with ideas for department
Sandra Mulder8/11/2020 14:02System Account8/11/2020SU Main Carousel
SU Main Carousel;
8/11/2020 13:41#WomenofSU: Recruit and retain more women scientists
Development & Alumni / Ontwikkeling & Alumni8/11/2020 13:28System Account8/11/2020Alumni Carousel; Donors Carousel; SU Main Carousel; Engineering Carousel; Science Carousel
Alumni Carousel;Donors Carousel;Science Snippet;SU Main Snippet;
8/11/2020 11:44First DeepMind Postgraduate Scholarships in Africa coming to Stellenbosch University
Anthea Jacobs8/11/2020 11:43System Account8/11/2020Centre for Teaching and Learning Carousel
Centre for Teaching and Learning Carousel;
8/11/2020 11:17Can ‘excellence’ turn? Rethinking teaching excellence awards for the public good
SPL Media Reporter 8/11/2020 11:30System Account8/11/2020SPL Carousel; SPL Snippet; SPL; SU Main; EMS Department List; Transformation
SPL Carousel;SPL Snippet;Transformation Carousel;
8/11/2020 10:54Sensemaking systems change for entrepreneurship-led development
Division for Research Development8/11/2020 11:21System Account8/11/2020SU Main; SU Main Carousel; SU Main List; SU Main Snippet; Research Development Carousel; Research Development
Research Development Carousel;SU Main Carousel;
8/11/2020 10:06#Researchforimpact: Institute strives to make children thrive, despite the odds
Engela Duvenage8/11/2020 9:36System Account8/11/2020SU Main Snippet; AgriSciences Carousel; Conservation Ecology Carousel; Science Carousel
SU Main Snippet;AgriSciences Carousel;Science Carousel;
8/11/2020 9:05SU researchers discover new species of lice, chigger mites
Development and Alumni Relations Division8/7/2020 15:12System Account8/7/2020SU Main Carousel; Student Affairs Carousel; Students Carousel; Staff Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Students Carousel;Staff Carousel;Student Affairs Carousel;
8/7/2020 14:49Uniquely South African art to help Matie students in need
Innovus 8/7/2020 12:51System Account8/7/2020SU Main; Student Affairs; Alumni
Alumni Snippet;
8/7/2020 10:43First virtual SU Hackathon sees more than eighty students participate
FMHS Marketing & Communication / FGGW Bemarking & Kommunikasie - Sue Segar8/7/2020 10:44System Account8/7/2020Alumni Carousel; Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel; SU Main Carousel; Research & Innovation Carousel
Alumni Carousel;Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel;
8/7/2020 10:23Fogarty grant will help put spotlight on TB meningitis in children
Media & Communication, Faculty of Science8/7/2020 10:43System Account8/7/2020Science Carousel; Biochem Carousel; Mathematics Carousel; SU Main Carousel
Science Carousel;
8/7/2020 9:53Mathematics and gender, nanofibres and immunity against COVID-19
Operations and Finance8/6/2020 21:09System Account8/6/2020SU Main; Student Affairs; Staff
SU Main Snippet;Staff Carousel;
8/6/2020 9:07Wear your mask, says SU
Corporate Communication/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie [Rozanne Engel]8/6/2020 16:03System Account8/6/2020Students Carousel; Law Carousel
SU Main Snippet;Students Carousel;
8/6/2020 15:29Virtual Café discussion addresses unconscious bias in society
Liesel Koch8/6/2020 12:40System Account8/6/2020SU Main Snippet
SU Main Snippet;
8/6/2020 11:39Engineering's Dean, Prof Wikus van Niekerk, receives exceptional honour
Kristien Nel van Zyl, Wolfgang Preiser, Andrew Whitelaw & Susan Engelbrecht8/6/2020 11:15System Account8/5/2020Alumni Carousel; Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel; SU Main Carousel
Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel;Alumni Carousel;SU Main Snippet;
8/5/2020 14:20Covid-19 shows us yet again: Don’t mess with Mother Nature
Corporate Communication / Korporatiewe Kommunikasie [Alec Basson]8/6/2020 9:45System Account8/6/2020SU Main Carousel; Economic and Management Sciences Carousel; Staff Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Economic and Management Sciences Carousel;
8/6/2020 9:27#WomenofSU: Advancing gender equality and levelling the playing field for women in the workplace
Corporate Communication/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie [Rozanne Engel]8/5/2020 16:53System Account8/5/2020SU Main Snippet; Staff Carousel; Wim de Villiers Carousel; Eugene Cloete Carousel; Hester Klopper Carousel; Nico Koopman Carousel
Staff Carousel;SU Main Snippet;Wim de Villiers Carousel;Eugene Cloete Carousel;Hester Klopper Carousel;Nico Koopman Carousel;
8/5/2020 15:50SU holds first virtual staff assembly
Gerda Dullaart8/5/2020 15:21System Account7/29/2020Centre for Teaching and Learning Carousel; CHPE Carousel
Centre for Teaching and Learning Carousel; CHPE Carousel;
7/29/2020 14:45Keep growing your teaching @ SU
Sue Segar8/5/2020 14:29System Account7/24/2020Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet
Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet;
7/24/2020 10:49Novel language and literacy intervention gets grant boost
Media & Communication, Faculty of Science8/5/2020 14:10System Account8/5/2020AgriSciences Carousel; Science Carousel; SU Main; Mathematics Carousel
Science Carousel;AgriSciences Carousel;
8/5/2020 8:53International recognition for research on penguins’ parasites
Corporate Communication8/5/2020 13:37System Account7/31/2020SU Main Carousel; ADA Carousel
SU Main Carousel;AfricaSU Carousel;
7/31/2020 15:22SU renewable energy research to benefit from large British funding project
Corporate Communication and Marketing/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking [Sandra Mulder]8/5/2020 12:46System Account8/5/2020SU Main Snippet; Staff Snippet; Students; Transformation Snippet
Staff Snippet;Transformation Snippet;
8/5/2020 8:30Equality Unit’s videos on social injustices encourage engagement
Corporate Communication and Marketing/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking [Sandra Mulder]8/5/2020 10:24System Account8/5/2020SU Main Carousel
SU Main Carousel;
8/5/2020 8:11#WomenofSU: More women in the military is a right and a necessity
Engela Duvenage8/4/2020 17:47System Account8/4/2020AgriSciences Carousel; SU Main Carousel
AgriSciences Carousel;SU Main Carousel;
8/4/2020 15:34Food security: many revolutions were started because of hunger, says Madonsela
Corporate Communication/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie [Sandra Mulder]8/4/2020 16:34System Account8/3/2020SU Main Snippet; Students Carousel; Staff Carousel; Transformation Carousel
SU Main Snippet; Students Carousel; Staff Carousel; Transformation Carousel;
8/3/2020 14:24Disability Unit enhances inclusivity and accessibility
Judy-Ann Cilliers8/4/2020 15:56System Account8/4/2020SU Main Snippet; Arts and Social Sciences Carousel; Alumni Carousel; Research Development Carousel
SU Main Snippet;Research Development Carousel;Alumni Carousel;Arts and Social Sciences Carousel;
8/4/2020 14:28COVID-19 is an opportunity to make our circles bigger
Corporate Communication/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie [Rozanne Engel]8/4/2020 11:41System Account8/4/2020SU Main Carousel; Staff Carousel
SU Main Carousel;
8/4/2020 9:51#WomenofSU: Shedding light on the reproductive health of South African women
Wiida Fourie-Basson8/3/2020 19:59System Account8/3/2020Sciencefaculty Snippet; Centre for Teaching and Learning Carousel; SU Main Carousel
Science Snippet;Centre for Teaching and Learning Carousel;
8/3/2020 12:44New book on building knowledge in higher education in South Africa
Prof. Johann Cook8/3/2020 14:56System Account7/21/2020Arts and Social Sciences Carousel; Theology Carousel
Theology Carousel;
7/21/2020 13:35Presentation of a book to Stellenbosch University Library
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