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2/15/2018 12:17System AccountSU Main; Faculties; SU Main Snippet
2/13/2018 12:18System AccountCSCD Snippet; Student Affairs Snippet; SU Main Snippet
2/9/2018 16:14System AccountSU Main
2/6/2018 16:15System AccountFaculties; Staff; Hester Klopper
2/6/2018 14:28System AccountStaff; Faculties; Hester Klopper
2/5/2018 15:45System AccountScience; SU Main Snippet
Science Snippet;SU Main Snippet;
2/5/2018 15:44System AccountSU Main
SU Main Snippet;
2/5/2018 15:35System AccountScience
2/5/2018 15:33System AccountSU Main
1/31/2018 11:59System AccountDigital Media Carousel; Facilities Management Carousel; Facilities Management Snippet; Finance Carousel; SU Main List; SU Main Carousel; SU Main Snippet
1/30/2018 16:03System AccountStaff Snippet; Students Snippet
1/22/2018 16:33System AccountScience
1/22/2018 13:13System AccountScience
1/19/2018 14:32System AccountScience
1/17/2018 15:26System AccountSU Main
SU Main Snippet;
12/22/2017 8:20System AccountSU Main; Staff; Students; SU Main Snippet; SU Main Carousel; Students Snippet
SU Main Snippet; Students Snippet;
12/21/2017 13:07System AccountMedicine and Health Sciences Snippet
Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet;
12/14/2017 12:04System AccountSU Main
12/11/2017 13:44System AccountMedicine and Health Sciences Snippet
Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet;
12/11/2017 9:17System AccountSU Main; Students; Staff
12/5/2017 16:16System AccountHuman Resources Snippet; SU Main Snippet
Human Resources Snippet; SU Main Snippet;SU Main Snippet;
12/5/2017 9:58System AccountStudents; SU Main
Students Snippet;SU Main Snippet;
11/29/2017 13:56System AccountSU Main Snippet; Staff Snippet
11/28/2017 16:08System AccountStaff Carousel
Staff Carousel;
11/28/2017 15:32System AccountStaff Carousel
11/28/2017 11:18System AccountSU Main Snippet; Staff Snippet
SU Main Snippet;Staff Snippet;
11/27/2017 10:54System AccountSU Main Snippet; SU Main List; SU Main; Staff; Staff Carousel; Staff Snippet; Site2; Site1
SU Main Snippet;Staff Snippet;
11/24/2017 12:21System AccountSU Main Snippet; Staff Snippet
11/17/2017 17:04System AccountAgriSciences; Arts and Social Sciences; Education Staff; Engineering; Law; Medicine and Health Sciences; Military Science; Science; Theology
11/17/2017 12:54System AccountStaff Snippet
Staff Snippet;
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