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​Professor Sean Chetty

MBChB(Natal), DCH(SA), DA(SA), FCA(SA) Cert.Crit.Care(SA) PhD
Executive Head of Department

Professor Chetty is an Anaesthesiologist with a sub-specialist qualification in Critical Care.  In addition, he has e​xtensive clinical and research experience in Pain Medicine and is the President of the South African pain society (Pain SA).

Professor Chetty was the recipient of the 2019/2020 Discovery Foundation MGH Scholarship, which afforded him the opportunity to complete a fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University in Boston, USA in 2019/2020

His areas of research interests include acute pain management for the obstetric patient and the management of pain and sedation in the critically ill patient.  He has a passion for expanding medical education and is regularly involved in knowledge expansion initiatives for health care professionals in South Africa and internationally.

​Management Te​​a​​m​​

Dr Latifa Firfiray

MBChB, Dip Obst, DA, FCA, MMed (Anaes)
Head of Clinical Unit - Anaesthesiology

Clinical & Academic responsibilities: Anaesthesiology Clinical Services – Tygerberg Hospital 


Dr Theresa Louw

Head of Clinical Unit - Anaesthesiology

Academic & Clinical responsibilities: Education Programmes

Dr Francois W Retief 

MBChB (Stell), DA (SA), PDD (UWC), FCA (SA), MMed (Anaes) (Stell)
Head of Clinical Unit - Anaesthesiology

Clinical & Academic responsibilities: Regional Anaesthesia and Post-graduate programme 

​Dr Jonathan Burke

MBChB, DA, FCA, MMed (Anaes)
Head of Clinical Unit - Anaesthesiology

Clinical & Academic responsibilities: District Anaesthesiology Services


Head of Clinical Unit - Critical Care


Medical Specialist - Anaesthesiology Tygerberg Hospit​​al


Dr Annemé Breedt

Special Interest: Pre-operative assessment clinic

Dr Annemie Burke
MBChB (Stell), FCA, DA, DCH, MMed (Anaes)

Special Interest: Paediatric Anaesthesia, Acute Pain Management, Burns Anaesthesia & Trauma Anaesthesia

Dr Celeste Cilliers

Special Interest: Paediatric Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities:  Elective visitors co-ordinator, Chair of the Wellness Committee

Dr Willem De Villiers
MBChB, DA(SA), FCA(SA), MMed (Anaes)

Special Interest: Peri-operative Echocardiography

Administrative responsibilities:  Pharmacy

Dr Johan Dippenaar
MBChB (UP), D(SA), FC(SA), MMed (Anaes)(US)

Academic and Clinical Responsibilities:

Special interests: Paediatric and Neurosurgical anaesthesia.

Administrative responsibilities: Theatre rostering


Dr Carmen Drude

MBChB(Stell), DA(SA), FCA(SA), MMed(Anaes) 

Special interest: Trauma Anaesthesia and Obstetrics Anaesthesia.

Dr Marianne Johnson
MBChB (Stell), DA(SA), MMed (Anaes), FCA

Special Interest: Pre-operative assessment clinic

Administrative responsibilities: Consumables


Dr T Kallenbach


Special Interest: Perioperative medicine, Vascular anaesthesia, Wellness, Education and simulation​​

Andre Links.jpg

Dr Andre Links
MBChB (Stell)  DA (SA) DMH (SA) FCA(SA)

Special Interest: Neuroanaesthesia and Intensive Care

Administrative responsibilities: Electronic theatre booking systems​​


Dr Kurt Louw


Special interest: Regional anaesthesia and perioperative FATE.  ​

R Overmeyer photo.JPG

Dr Reinhard Overmeyer
MBChB(Stell) DA(SA) FCA(SA) MMed(Anaes)

Special Interest: Medical education and simulation, Airway management, and anaesthesia for vascular, otorhinolaryngology, neuro- and plastic surgery.

Administraive responsibilities: ERAS liaison. Anaesthetic consumables.  DACC guidelines editor. 

Dr Renilda Pillay
MBChB, DA (SA), MMed (Anaes), FCA (SA)

Special Interest: Paediatric Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities:  Morbidity and mortality.

Dr Simone Piovesan

Special Interest:  Blood Conservation strategies and Bariatric Surgery


Dr Delia Schuster

MBChB (Stell), DA (SA), FCA (SA), MMed (Anaes) 

Special interest: Chronic pain clinic, Physician wellness and education.​


Dr Keenan Sankar


Dr Annette Theron
MBChB(Stell), Dip Obst(SA), DA(SA), FCA (SA), MMed (Anaes) (UKZN)

Special Interest: Peri-operative medicine. Obstetric Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities: Rostering

Dr Stephen Venter

Administrative responsibilities: Peri-operative TOE & Critical Care 

Medical Specialist – Crit​i​​​​​cal Care​

Nadiya Ahmed.png

Dr Nadiya Ahmed
MBChB (Natal), FCS (SA), MMed (Surg)(Stel), Cert.Crit.Care(SA)

Clinical and Academic responsibilities: General Surgeon and Intensivist. Current focus and research interests : nutrition in the critically ill adult, antimicrobial therapy, source control, development of economic bedside sepsis monitoring tools and telematics in critical care education.

Dr Ryan Davids
MBChB(Stell), DA (SA), MMed (Anaes), FCA(SA)

Special Interest: Neuroanaesthesia, Critical Care, Biomedical Ethics

Administrative responsibilities: Research co-ordinator

Dr Usha Lalla
MBChB, FCP(SA) Cert.Crit.Care (SA)

Special Interest: Medical Critical Care

Administrative responsibilities: Operational head: A5 ICU

Medical Specialist – Anaesthesiology District Servic​​e​​​​s​​​​

​Dr Adéle de Goede

MBChB(Stell); DA(SA); FCA(SA); MMed(Anaes)

Special Interest: Resilience in Anaesthesia training and development, Anaesthesia nurse training

Administrative responsibilities: District servcies for Eerste River and Heldeberg hospitals 

Dr Sarwat Ha​meed Ikram
MBChB, DA (SA), MMED (Anaes)

Special Interest: District Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities: District servcies for Khayelitsha District Hospital

Dr Megan Jaworska
MBChB, DA, FCA, MMed (Anaes)

Special Interest: FATE

Administrative responsibilities: District services for Karl Bremmer and Heldeberg hospitals

Administrative​ Staff

Hazel Dryding
Personal Assistant to Prof Sean Chetty​
Tel: +27 21 938 9030

Charlaine Janse van Rensburg
Student Administration
Tel: +27 21 938 9231


Nadeema Williams
Administrative Officer
Tel: +27 21 938 9028

​Magdaleen Esterhuyse

R2 - Tygerberg Hospital
Tel: +27 21 938 5142