Occupational Therapy
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​Division of Occupational Therap​y 


Prof Lana van Niekerk
B OccTher (UFS), M OccTher (UFS), PhD OT (UCT)
Tel: 021 938 9292
Email: lanavn@sun.ac.za

Associate Professor Lana van Niekerk​ teaches at Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels and acts as fourth year class coordinator in the undergraduate occupational therapy programme at Stellenbosch University. Her fields of expertise are research methods, ethics and occupational science. Her research has focussed on equitable participation of people facing disabling conditions in the world of work.

​She is a current member the Expert Advisory Panel on Community Health and Transport (I-CHaT), which coordinates research on transport mobility; the Panel's current research is linking people and activities through transport mobility (LiPATTM). She is also the South African Principal Investigator on an international project funded by a South Africa Sweden University Forum grant, namely Mobility needs of older adults in Sweden and South Africa: promoting health and equitability- a collaboration project