Occupational Therapy
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​Division of Occupational Therapy 

Teaching and Learning

Postgraduate programme

Master of Occupational Therapy (Structured)

The programme is offered on a block-release system with teaching weeks throughout the year. Sessions are on the Tygerberg Campus.

The programme comprises three distinct components:

  1. Research Methodology and Assignment: A research assignment is conducted and submitted for examination in the format of a research report.
  2. Advanced Occupational Therapy: Three generic modules are offered in to explore occupational science, models in occupational therapy and occupational therapy practice.
  3. Speciality Fields of Study: Speciality courses are offered in the following fields namely paediatrics, hand therapy, work practice and psychosocial practice. Courses are offered once in three years.

The Advanced Occupational Therapy and Specialisation components usually comprise four teaching weeks offered throughout the year in which it is offered. These components are offered once in a three year cycle. The Research Methodology module comprise two teaching weeks offered in year one and two of a three year cycle.


The research assignment is undertaken upon completion of the coursework or concurrent with the other components of course work. Most students find that they require three years to complete the programme, especially if studies are undertaken on a part-time basis.