Family Medicine & Primary Care
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Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care


Family Medicine is the division responsible for the holistic medical care of individuals within the context of their families and the community. The division of Family Medicine and Primary Care puts emphasis on a patient-centred approach to primary care in its teaching, based on a firm foundation of biomedical science and clinical skills. The research activities of the division focus on the development of quality primary care within a district health system, and to develop innovative teaching methods in the health sciences.​​

See important document: The contribution of family physicians to district health services: a position paper for the National Department of Health (also published in the South African Family Practice journal).

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Vision statement of the Divi​sion of Family Medicine and Primary Care

Family medicine has made a measurable difference in improving the health of the people of South Africa.

We are growing and developing throughout Africa and making a significant contribution to the strengthening of district health systems and primary health care.

There is a strong district health system in both urban and rural areas of South Africa, which is:

  • Compassionate, caring and person-centred

  • Focused on people, in families, from specific communities

  • Holistic and integrative in its approach

  • Comprehensive

  • Relational with continuity of care

  • Able to promote health, wellness and prevent disease,

  • Equitable

  • Cost effective

  • Relevant to the needs of communities


There is a new generation of family physicians who are:

  • Delivering a high quality of care

  • Mentors and capacity-builders

  • Leaders and change agents

  • Community-orientated

  • Engaged in collaborative practice

  • Healthy role models

  • Committed to staying in the health system

  • Interconnected across the country

  • Bringing academia to the primary care “coalface”.

Family physicians are clear about their role and scope of practice and are role models to the next generation. Family physicians are credible and respected for their clinical and academic excellence. All medical doctors pursuing a career in primary care have postgraduate training in family medicine.