SU International
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Welcome to Stellenbosch University International


SU International aims to contribute towards SU's aspiration to be an internationally recognised research-intensive institution, rooted in our community, our region and in Africa with a global reach. SU International promotes and enables internationalisation at SU as an evolving comprehensive process involving faculties and PASS environments through:

  • Purposeful bilateral partnerships in Africa, as well as beyond Africa,
  • Enabling wide participation in multilateral alliances and networks, and
  • Global Learning for a transformative student experience, and
  • Developing a platform for research, policy and practice development relating to International Higher Education in Africa,

All supported by

  • Focused information management to ensure well-informed decision-making and a sustainable contribution (on all levels) towards SU's aspirations,
  • An effective and efficient services platform, and
  • Continuous productive national and international stakeholder engagement relevant for our contribution to International Higher Education.

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