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Rcrust is a free software tool that performs phase stability calculations with path dependence. In these calculations pressure (P) temperature (T) and bulk composition (X) can vary simultaneously.

Rcrust is free to Download and use under the GNU copyleft.


About & Getting started

​Rcrust is a thermodynamic modelling tool that uses a compiled form of "meemum" from the Perple_X suite of programs to calculate the phase stabilities of points in P-T-X space. The strength of "Rcrust" is that it allows

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Download & useful links

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Citing & Licence

Find information on appropriate references for calculations performed with Rcrust as well as:

Underlying Perple_X calculations,

R language


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*Corresponding Author
Matthew Mayne
Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

Professor Jean-François Moyen
Université de Saint-Etienne (France)

Professor Gary Stevens
Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

Lars Kaislaniemi
University of Helsinki (Finland)