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Admission Requirements for International Undergraduate Curricula


Matriculation exemption information:

2022 Academic Year: Currently Enrolled Students

All currently enrolled undergraduate international students must submit their matriculation exemption certificate before registration for the 2023 academic year.

  1. For guidelines to making an application for a matriculation exemption CLICK HERE
  2. CLICK HERE for the Matriculation Exemption Form (M30E)
  3. For information regarding the Matriculation Exemption Fees CLICK HERE

Continue to check the status of your matriculation exemption application on the following link, but should you not hear from USAF within 3 months from the date of application, you may contact the Stellenbosch University International Undergraduate Admissions officer by e-mail on  to do a follow-up. 

New applicants for the 2023 Academic year

New applicants for the 2023 academic year do not need to apply for their matriculation exemption certificate prior to application to Stellenbosch University for the 2023 academic year, but please do an online assessment on the website of USAF at to make sure you comply with the matriculation exemption requirements.

 Application for your matriculation exemption certificate will only happen after registrations in 2023 should you get admission to Stellenbosch University.​

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